Loser Restaurateurs Rush to Defend James Corden

Hope he sees this, kings

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Fame Hungry

In the wake of James Corden being banned and unbanned from Balthazar, a loser brigade has formed to defend the Cats star. Two starfucking restaurateurs have blabbed to TMZ, telling the gossip site that Corden is actually a great tipper who would never yell at waitstaff. A likely story.

Stratis Morfogen, founding member of the Corden Defense Society, told TMZ that the Late Late Show host is “one of the most pleasant and funny guys he's ever served.” Morfogen, who owns many restaurants including the 25,000-square-foot Brooklyn Chop House in Times Square, said he couldn’t even imagine Corden being mean.

Per TMZ:

When Stratis hosted and catered a 2018 post-Grammys event for Bruno Mars and Atlantic Records at his Brooklyn Chop House restaurant, he says James was there singing songs with bartenders and yukking it up with staffers at the bar. He also notes James was a gracious tipper.

It’s probably worth noting that Morfogen’s anecdote comes from an industry event, where Corden was probably on his best behavior. You wouldn’t want Bruno Mars to see you yelling at a bartender for messing up a Pimm’s Cup or whatever it is that British people drink. It is also worth noting that Morfogen always loves an excuse to give a comment to the press, whether it’s telling the New York Post about his plans to keep his restaurants safe from “drug dealers and gangs” or going on Tucker Carlson to protest New York’s vaccine mandates.

The other guy caping for Corden is Todd English, who owns Todd English’s Olives in Las Vegas and is the head chef for Delta Air Lines (yum!). English has been the lead chef at several Tony Awards afterparties, and described Corden’s demeanor as “incredibly personable.” Perhaps the Ocean’s 8 non-scene-stealer should consider bringing that signature personability to his work on the stage and screen. Regardless, English, like Morfogen, seems to have observed Corden’s behavior during an event at which it would behoove the star to be polite.

The opinion of these dudes does not really matter. They saw a chance for some free promo for their pseudo-upscale restaurants and took it, and in doing so got to signal to other celebs that they would never out a famous person for being an asshole. Who cares. Let me know when the servers at Craig’s or Giorgio Baldi start talking.