Report: Randall Emmett Is An Abusive Creep With Very Bad Money Problems

Lala Kent’s former Man has been fully unmasked in the LA Times

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Allie Jones

The man formerly known as Lala Kent’s Man is not the prince we all assumed. New reporting from the LA Times reveals that Randall Emmett, the D-list Hollywood producer of so-called “geezer teasers” is an abusive creep who is in debt up to his eyeballs. Times reporters Amy Kaufman and Meg James report that Emmett and his production company, Emmett/Furla Oasis, owe $25 million in outstanding loans and disputed payments. Emmett, specifically, has been accused of abusing his employees and sexually harassing a host of different women throughout his long career in Hollywood.

Emmett, who is perhaps most famous for appearing on Vanderpump Rules alongside his ex-fiancée, Kent, denied most of the allegations and refused to comment on others. All of the big-name actors and directors who have worked on Emmett-produced films (for exorbitant, multi-million dollar sums) including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Mel Gibson, and Bruce Willis, declined to comment about their relationships with the producer. Willis, one of Emmett’s most prodigious collaborators, retired from acting this year after his family revealed he was diagnosed with aphasia. Still, Willis’s attorney Marty Singer defended the actor’s work with Emmett, telling the Times, “My client continued working after his medical diagnosis because he wanted to work and was able to do so, just like many others diagnosed with aphasia who are capable of continuing to work.”

It all looks, uh, very bad. Here are the lowlights:

Emmett kept working with Willis on several films after he allegedly told Kent that Willis was unable to physically and mentally perform. Kent said that Emmett called her crying from the set of Midnight In the Switchgrass in September 2020, saying, “I can’t do this anymore. It’s just so sad. Bruce can’t remember any of his lines. He doesn’t know where he is.” According to the Times, Emmett went on to make five more films with Willis after that phone call, until Willis’s family announced earlier this year that he was retiring. One of Emmett’s former assistants told the Times that when Emmett and his partner George Furla got behind on loans and other payments, they would discuss making “another bullshit Bruce Willis movie.”

Emmett allegedly tackled Kent to the ground after she discovered he was cheating on her in 2021. Kent and Emmett’s relationship ended for good last fall when Kent discovered photos of Emmett cavorting with other women in Nashville, Tennessee. When he came back to their shared home in L.A., she confronted him and grabbed his phone. “He ran after me, tackled me and knocked me to the ground,” Kent said. “I used every ounce of strength to get him off of me as he was trying to pry it from my hands. … That was when I knew, for sure, that there was a lot he was hiding.”

Emmett allegedly offered at least one woman movie roles in exchange for sexual favors, texting her things like, “one day of work and u need to fuckme hun.” This woman, who is being represented by Gloria Allred, said she got two minor roles in Emmett films after complying with Emmett’s demands, which included giving him massages and oral sex and standing naked in his office while he masturbated. Eventually, Emmett allegedly offered the woman a $200,000 settlement to keep quiet about their arrangement.

The Times talked to another woman who said that Emmett began randomly messaging her on Instagram shortly after, asking her to “fuck on the dl” and “do heroin and meth.” The woman said Emmett messaged her several times, scaring her, though she never responded.

Emmett allegedly asked employees to transport drugs for him and pay his bills with their own credit cards. One of Emmett’s former assistants, Martin G’Blae, told the Times that Emmett once directed him to ship Emmett’s personal poker table to a resort in Puerto Rico and pay for it himself, at a cost of $1,250. Once G’Blae got to the resort to set it up, he said Emmett directed him to get something from the safe in his hotel room, which turned out to be a huge bag of cocaine. “I was in shock — and disbelief,” he said. “We had a 30-minute car ride where I was constantly paranoid about getting pulled over by the cops.”

G’Blae also recalled an incident where Emmett directed him to decorate a hotel room with rose petals so that Emmett could have a romantic night with Kent. When G’Blae went to get the key from the front desk, however, he was told that Emmett hadn’t paid for the room. Emmett allegedly texted him, “Stop … Dude my card is maxed. Handle it.” G’Blae said he ended up calling his mother for money to pay for the room, and that he has yet to be fully reimbursed for these kinds of purchases Emmett forced him to make.

He also said that Emmett demanded a Toll House ice cream cookie sandwich every day and would complain when they weren’t “fresh.”

There is truly so much more, and I encourage you to read the full report in the Times. As of now, Emmett has few supporters, but one semi-notable one: Michael Polish, the director and recent ex-husband of Kate Bosworth. Polish, who has directed three Emmett films, told the Times, “For a lot of people in Hollywood, Randall is the person who can help you get the movie done. He gives people their chance, and not a lot of people in Hollywood will do that.”