Random Couple Alert: Chris Rock and Lake Bell?

Debuting in Missouri of all places

L:Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, R:Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Perhaps you have read about random boyfriends on this website; Kaley Cuoco and Katie Holmes both have one. A random boyfriend is one thing, but a random couple? That is explosive. Well random love is alive and well, and it looks like Chris Rock and Lake Bell going to a baseball game together.

The comedian and the actress/writer/director were spotted together in a private box at a St. Louis Cardinals game on Monday night. TMZ got the footage, in which Rock and Bell are standing sort of next to each other while cheering for the Cards. It’s all very romantic.

According to TMZ, there was no PDA between the two, but they were “definitely” sitting together and “interested in maintaining a relatively low profile.” That sounds like a date to me.

I’m sure you have some questions about this pairing and I will do my best to answer them now.

How did these two meet?

I don’t know, that’s part of what makes it random. Bell recently directed two episodes of Pam & Tommy, a show produced by Seth Rogen. Rogen probably knows Rock? Bell is also grandfathered into the greater Los Angeles comedy community through her work in Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital and her appearances in the Comedy Bang! Bang! cinematic universe. Her directorial debut, In A World…, even co-starred comedians Tig Notaro and Demetri Martin, both friends of Rock’s. It is not inconceivable for their paths to cross. And sure enough? They did.

Why are they in St. Louis?

They love barbecue! Just kidding, Rock was there on tour. Bell was there… for him?

Do you think that maybe they’re just friends?


What do you think they talk about?

Hmm. They are both divorced parents. That seems like it would be a deep well. They are also both directors of comedy movies that were named Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (congratulations). Bell is a funny actress, which is almost like being a comedian. She is also a beautiful, tall woman and he is a good-looking funny guy. That is a classic pairing. Also they both have names that are kind of nature-y (Rock, Lake). That’s at least three minutes of conversation.

Has there ever been a more random couple?

Did you forget that Chris Evans dated Jenny Slate? That is the apex of the Random Couple Alert; these two are about half as random. They do get points for debuting their relationship in Missouri, though. Now that’s random.