Rachel Bilson Says She Misses Bill Hader’s Big Personality

Or wait that’s not it

US actor Bill Hader (L) and actress Rachel Bilson arrive for the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards on ...
Allie Jones
Bill Hader Energy

Since he filed for divorce from his wife and the mother of his three children in 2017, Bill Hader has enjoyed a couple of high-profile relationships. He started dating Rachel Bilson in 2019, taking her to his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Christmas and to the Golden Globes a few months later. (They first met on the set of the comedy The To-Do List in 2013, which incidentally was written and directed by Hader’s then-wife Maggie Carey.)

But sometime early in the pandemic the two broke up, and Hader started dating another petite brunette, Anna Kendrick. He met her on the set of Noelle in 2019, which was not directed by his ex-wife but was really bad. Then they broke up, and now Kendrick is spending a lot of time with Desus Nice. In case Hader is sad about any of that, he should know that Bilson is still talking about him on her podcast, which is called “Broad Ideas,” which I think is almost a pun.

On this week’s episode, guest Tommy Dorfman asked Bilson what she misses most about her ex-BF. His sense of humor, perhaps? His, um, brown hair? No. When asked to pick one thing she misses about Hader, she said,

“His big dick!”

Oh my goodness. She laughed after saying it, of course, and told her podcast producer, “We can keep that.” So she really wanted us to know. And now we do.

Best wishes to Hader; seems like he could totally date Minka Kelly now or whatever.