What Did Meghan Say to Harry That Got Him Flaming Hot Pissed?

The ‘Spare’ author says his bride inadvertently insulted him in the Queen’s English

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive at the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Hu...
Allie Jones

The revelations from Prince Harry’s memoir Spare are coming fast and furious now, as both the British and American tabloids seem to have interns translating and publishing the leaked Spanish version in real time. The latest bombshell: Harry reportedly writes that sometime early in his relationship with Meghan Markle, the famously American actress and philanthropist said something to him that he “took the wrong way” due to a “cultural difference and a language barrier.” This comment pissed him off so much, he “snapped at her, spoke to her harshly [and] cruelly.” Oi!

“As the words left my mouth, I could feel everything in the room come to a stop,” Haz writes. “The gravy stopped bubbling, the molecules of air stopped orbiting. Even Nina Simone seemed to pause.”

Now that’s evocative prose, and I can’t wait to read more when this book officially comes out next week. But what did Meg say to cause such an outburst? Harry writes that he thought his bride was “having a go” at him. What got lost in translation?

Did she call him a cunt in what she thought was a fun way but was actually highly offensive to his British sensibilities? Perhaps there was a misuse of the word “fanny”? Maybe H was getting dressed for dinner, and M liked his outfit so much she was like, “slay queen,” and H took that as her desire to kill his Gran.

We haven’t seen the full text of this particular passage, but it does not appear that Harry reveals the actual comment that vexed him so supremely. If you have any guesses, try saying them to a British person and see what happens.