Now Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

Britney Spears's one-time party pal hints she is also with child

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Allie Jones
Baby Boom

You heard the big news earlier this week: Britney Spears Pregnant. (Maybe with twins.) But is Spears’s sister-in-arms on the mid-2000s L.A. party scene Lindsay Lohan ALSO pregnant? That’s what Lohan’s fans, and possibly Lohan herself, want you to think.

Last month on Instagram, Lohan posted a photo of herself celebrating her engagement to a Dubai-based businessman named Bader Shammas. It’s a nice pic: Lohan and Shammas pose behind an engagement cake aflame with dueling sparklers and decorated with a surprisingly sexy cutout of a couple in love. Lohan captioned the photo, “My forever ❤️.” Fans in the comments, however, noticed something else in the photo besides the cake and Lohan and Shammas’s toothy smiles. “Omg a baby bump,” wrote one. And guess what? Lohan recently “liked” the comment.

Case closed? Well, Lohan also “liked” a bunch of other comments, including one that said, “Baby next?” It’s possible that she was just “liking” the idea of having a baby at some point in the future. It’s also possible that she was doling out “likes” indiscriminately, or that she simply “likes” attention. So far, Lohan has not officially commented on the status of her womb.

Whether or not she’s expecting, the 35-year-old actress has a lot going on: She announced last year that she would be launching a podcast in “late 2021 or early 2022” (still about a week or so to make that happen). She also signed a two-rom-com deal with Netflix last month, and she is presumably planning a wedding. Until we receive official confirmation of any of these upcoming projects, we will be watching Paris Hilton’s Instagram very closely.