The Most Annoying Celebs of 2021

Did your annoying fav make the list?

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Allie Jones
Awards Season

All celebrities are annoying, but which ones were the most annoying during the 2021 calendar year? It was a tough field, but these A- and B-list multimillionaires pulled ahead of the pack to really annoy the public (and probably the people closest to them, as well). Congratulations.


Coming out of 2020, a year in which he was notably annoying (forcing the entire Marvel universe to come to his defense after he was voted “Worst Chris” in a random Twitter poll), Chris Pratt upped the ante. He announced that he would voice the role of Mario in the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. animated feature, despite not being Italian. Then he announced he would voice the role of Garfield in a forthcoming Garfield animated feature, despite all the reasons that would be a bad idea. And then he topped it off with a much-circulated “I love my silly little wife” post on Instagram.

“We met in church.” Yeah, we know. Annoying.


In March, Matthew McConaughey revealed on a podcast that he was “seriously considering” running for governor of Texas. In May, the 52-year-old actor began “quietly making calls to influential people in Texas political circles” to gauge their interest in such an idea. In October, when NPR asked him if he was actually running, he said ​​“I am not — until I am.” And in November, he released a video on Twitter in which he declared he would not be running, after all. “As a simple kid born in the little town of Uvalde, Texas, it never occurred to me that I would one day be considered for political leadership,” he added.

Then, last week, he told The Today Show that “I’m not going to say no forever” to a potential run.

Oh my god, shut UP. Annoying.


Call me a misogynist because I hate this woman.



I feel bad for Will Smith, because he is a talented actor who has now possibly annoyed himself out of an Oscar. I hope he has a very quiet 2022.

Uhh wow. Annoying.


Matt Damon is another guy who couldn’t stop talking this year, despite how much other people wanted him to. He offered up to the public that he only recently stopped using “the f-slur,” and then he tried to take the whole thing back in a publicist-written statement to Variety, claiming he had never actually used the word.

C’mon man. Annoying.


Whether she’s getting eyebrow transplant surgery from two doctors named Jason or complaining to the paparazzi about being canceled while hanging out of her new Porsche, Chrissy Teigen is almost always annoying somebody. I hope she keeps it up next year, because writing about her being annoying is one of the main parts of my job. Annoying?


Succession is a good show, and Jeremy Strong is good in it. This was all really annoying.

Also, Adam McKay was annoying for other reasons.


After J-Lo dumped him for cheating on her with a third-tier Bravo reality star, Alex Rodriguez shared this slow-motion video of framed photos of them together set to Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

Funny, but also annoying.


Remember this?