Mom of the Year? Olivia Wilde Takes Kids to Disneyland

The director is finally learning the importance of messaging

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Allie Jones
Yas Churros

Olivia Wilde has had a real shit year. First, her ex-fiance Jason Sudeikis served her custody papers live on stage at CinemaCon, then Don’t Worry Darling flopped, then Wilde and Sudeikis’s nanny gave an exclusive interview to, and then Harry Styles peaced out. There is only one thing for her to do now, and that is: take her kids to Disneyland!!!!

Wilde posted several photos from a holiday trip to the amusement park with Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, on Instagram last night. “Bury me under space mountain this is my favorite place on earth,” she wrote in the caption, adding the hashtags “#disneylandchristmas” “#disneylandholidays” and “#churros #churros #churros #churros.” Fellow celebrities quickly chimed in with borderline embarrassing words of support. Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness wrote, “Cutiezzzz 😍” and “Also yas churros.”

As any celebrity divorce lawyer will tell you, taking your kids to an amusement park, and then making sure everyone knows you took your kids to an amusement park, is one of the most important things you can do while in the midst of a custody battle. Look at Gisele Bundchen: She took her kids to a Miami water park back in September, and Tom Brady negotiated a divorce settlement almost immediately. The Disney parks are, of course, the premiere locations for this kind of public display, so props to Wilde for paying for the best.

In the recent past, Wilde has struggled with messaging. Remember when she spent the entire Don’t Worry Darling press tour talking about the importance of “female pleasure” in her film, only for the whole thing to turn out to be about rapey incels? It’s heartening, then, that she was able to pull off such a straightforward press maneuver with this trip. A visit to Disneyland at Christmas says: I am a great mom. My kids want to spend time with me. I’m also totally fun and let them have churros.

Sudeikis is going to have to get the kids backstage at an Olivia Rodrigo concert to top her.