Michael B. Jordan Smiles Through the Pain at NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors may have won, but love did not

US actor Michael B. Jordan attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party following the 94th Oscars at the...
Love & Basketball

In a People exclusive published on Saturday, it was announced that Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey had broken up after more than a year of dating. A source told the tabloid that both parties were “completely heartbroken.”

That much was clear on Sunday night, when Jordan sat courtside at the NBA Finals and tried to look like he was having a really good time, despite his world having just come crashing down around him.

After approximately 20 viewings, I don’t think I can watch this clip anymore — it’s too raw. The initial tight-lipped half-smile, followed by the fake full smile, the aggressive nodding, all while having the glassy eyes of someone who has been crying for the last 24 hours. Jordan’s is the face of someone who thought to himself, “I’ll just go cheer myself up by watching some basketball,” and, despite his brave efforts, completely failed at doing so.

Hopefully the actor was rooting for the Warriors, who trounced the Celtics 107-88 in Game 2. Otherwise his miserable night would have only been made worse by being surrounded by some of the douchiest people in professional basketball (home-game Warriors fans).

Let Jordan’s pain-filled eyes be a reminder to all of us who are fighting invisible battles: Sometimes you can just stay home, watch the game on TV, and let the healing process begin in private.