Fascists Attend Violent Rally

Stars, they’re just like that uncle you hate


The stars were out and being deferential to fascists last night at the UFC 264 match between Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirer. Mel Gibson and Addison Rae were both seen going out of their way to show reverence to former President Donald Trump at the fight.

Gibson, the outwardly anti-Semitic and homophobic actor/director, went with the very hope-he-sees-this-bro move of dramatically saluting Trump as the former president entered the arena to cheers of “USA! USA!” from the crowd. Technically, I think Gibson is committing stolen valor here, but I also think that if you get an Oscar nomination for directing a war movie they let it slide.

Later in the evening it appears Rae, the TikTok-star-turned-fired journalist, went for the classier move of getting out of her seat and going to shake Trump’s hand, saying, “Hi, I’m Addison, nice to meet you. I have to say hi.”

Rae was caught by what appears to be a group of YouTubers, and the clip was then posted to the Twitter account of a YouTuber named Def Noodles. His account has since been suspended, but the clip is still live on his YouTube channel (at the 9:43 mark above). After Rae greets Trump, the young men filming the interaction say, “She knows what she’s doing,” and then, “Trump’s gonna fuck her.” Gross!

Do you think Mel Gibson will see this footage of Addison Rae? And if so, do you think the still-very-much-working director cast her in an upcoming film? Or perhaps they will star together in a movie about a conservative man cast aside by his family for his views only to find out that he has a daughter he doesn’t know about who shares in his love for guns, country, and God? Which of course would lead them to go on a road trip to CPAC where they learn the real meaning of family is banding together to fight the liberal agenda. It basically writes itself.

Or they could finally make the perpetually in-development U.S. remake of Toni Erdmann, whichever secures funding first.