Meet the Forest Nymph Guiding Shawn Mendes Through An Odd Beach Ritual

She's also a yogi

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 7: Shawn Mendes is seen at the beach on January 7, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (Phot...
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Allie Jones

Today Page Six introduced me to a woman I felt called to immediately follow on Instagram: Hitomi Mochizuki. She identifies as a “Forest Nymph” and an “Ashtanga Yogi,” and Page Six is interested in her because she was spotted leading newly single pop star Shawn Mendes through an “odd beach ritual” in Hawaii this weekend. I am interested in her because she seems to have a lot of cool ideas about herbal medicine, womanhood, how to wear a bikini, etc.

According to Page Six, paparazzi caught Mendes and Mochizuki sitting across from each other in a jungle setting on Friday. At one point, Mochizuki appeared to help Mendes snort something through a pipe. Cool! They also took a walk together on a rocky path after finishing up what was probably a life-changing experience. You can see all the photos here.

Based on her social media presence, it appears that Mochizuki is a paid influencer in addition to being a forest nymph. She recently did an ad campaign for Health-Ade kombucha, and she also promoted Amazon’s Audible app in a YouTube video about how she lives in a tree house. In her most recent Instagram post, she shared a long prose poem about being a girl. “I love the female gaze and how we personify everything,” she wrote. “I love the moments where we’ve learned that our wildness is sacred and our body hair is beautiful.”

Mendes’ most recent Instagram post is a roundup of photos from his trip with the caption, “Hawaii would i not move to to [sic] hawaii.”

I offer them both a heartfelt namaste.