What Will Sick Joker Freak Luke Bryan Buy for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton?

You know he’s going off-registry

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Gag Gifts

A wedding gift is so personal. You really want to get the happy couple something that screams, “you put this down on a list of things you wanted.” That is unless you are Luke Bryan and you’re getting a wedding gift for newlyweds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

In an interview with People, the country singer said that while he was not in attendance at the July 4 wedding because he did not know it was happening, he has “started [his] mental wedding gift soirée.” What exactly a “mental wedding gift soirée” is is between Luke Bryan and God, but the singer went on to say that he’s going to “get a big box and there will be embarrassing items in there.”

It’s clear that Bryan does not yet know what he will be getting the happy couple/The Voice judges, so here are some ideas to help him on his journey.

Bryan promised that the couple can expect whatever he does end up giving them to have “the Luke Bryan touch on it,” so maybe he can put his own spin on my ideas – as long as he puts both our names on the card.