Lily Cole Very Sorry She Wore a Burqa, Didn’t Hear the News About Afghanistan

There’s just too much to read!

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 09:   Lily Cole attends an intimate dinner hosted by Edward Enninful and ...
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Model Behavior

Has anyone ever encountered a force more confounding than a white woman trying to embrace diversity? “When will they learn,” I shout to no one in particular, in desperate need of a release.

Most recently this happened in regards to the model Lily Cole, who, for reasons unknown, posted a photo of herself wearing a burqa to Instagram yesterday alongside a caption asking her followers to “embrace diversity on every level: biodiversity ; cultural diversity ; diversity of thinking ; diversity of voices ; diversity of ideas.” Punctuation and spacing are Cole’s.

What happened next is de rigueur for a celebrity apology. She removed the post and took to Instagram stories to apologize. In her apology she wrote that she “hadn’t read the news at the time.”

Thankfully for the people of Afghanistan, Cole has now read the news and has shared several infographics to her story.

And thankfully for me, I now have a great excuse to do stuff that I never should have done in the first place. Oh, I flaked on our plans? Sorry, I hadn’t read the news at the time. I missed a deadline? Hadn’t read the news at the time. I said something deeply insensitive that hurt your feelings? Totally my bad, I hadn’t read the news at the time.