Leonardo DiCaprio Touched Gigi Hadid’s Shoulder and You Know What That Means

Yolanda Hadid is throwing a party at her Pennsylvania farm

Leonardo DiCaprio in a suit next to Gigi Hadid.
Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images / Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Allie Jones

Sources have been insisting to any tabloid that will listen for the last two weeks that Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, has changed his ways. Despite never previously dating a woman over the age of 25, these sources claim that the Pussy Posse founder is “pursuing” the 27-year-old single mother and model Gigi Hadid. And now these sources have proof… that, uh, DiCaprio and Hadid have previously breathed the same air.

Us Weekly reported yesterday that DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted at the same New York Fashion Week afterparty on Saturday night, and today, the Daily Mail published a couple grainy photos of the would-be couple sitting at a table together during the event, which was reportedly thrown by DiCaprio’s longtime nightlife buddy Richie Akiva. Please prepare yourself before clicking this link, because the images are spicy. DiCaprio is wearing his signature face-obscuring ball cap. Hadid is hunched over like a linebacker. There is absolutely no kissing, but in one photo, DiCaprio reaches out to touch Hadid’s shoulder — hot.

What does this all mean? To me, it signals that at least one person — perhaps Hadid’s Lyme-suffering, spotlight-loving momager Yolanda Hadid — is invested in getting the public to buy into a Hadid-DiCaprio relationship. Prepare to see more grainy photos of shoulder touching in the future, and please, be excited about them.

One interesting wrinkle in this public relations journey that Hadid and DiCaprio have now embarked on is that DiCaprio once dated Hadid’s close friend, Blake Lively. The year was 2011, and Lively was 24. (Hadid was, of course, 16.) After dating DiCaprio for a few months and reportedly sending him lots of photos of a doll, Lively got together with her current husband, Ryan Reynolds. DiCaprio moved on with Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, Hadid graduated high school and became friends with Lively possibly through Taylor Swift, and now we’re all supposed to believe that Hadid and DiCaprio are dating, even though she’s old.