Leonardo DiCaprio Exhibits Possible Bad Boyfriend Behavior

Partying at Parisian nightclubs after booty-calling Gigi Hadid?

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic / Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images
Allie Jones
Gigi My Love

Since he broke up with his last model girlfriend, Camila Morrone, after she turned 25, Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly been expanding his horizons by getting to know the aged crone Gigi Hadid. Earlier this month, during New York Fashion Week, he was photographed touching her shoulder at a party, and he didn’t melt or vaporize or anything. According to TMZ, things are getting serious now: DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted walking into the same hotel at different times in Paris last night. (It’s Paris Fashion Week.)

The gossip outlet reports that for the duration of PFW, which is of course a very important time for DiCaprio, the actor is staying at the Costes hotel. Hadid, meanwhile, is staying at Royal Monceau. She was photographed walking into the lobby at 10 p.m. local time yesterday, and get this: DiCaprio was photographed (while wearing a hat, mask, and hoodie of course) walking out of it at 1 a.m. Cute?

Well, according to TMZ, DiCaprio departed Hadid’s hotel and went directly to the club. I think I can speak for all women when I say that we love when our boyfriends do this.

Spies then caught DiCaprio returning to his own hotel, the Costes, after hitting his favorite nightlife spots for about an hour. Listen man: You’re dating an older woman now. She probably has, like, standards. You can’t just leave her hotel in Paris and go to the club. Or, I guess you can, but it’s sort of rude. Anyway, have fun.