This Bitch Really Did It

Leo DiCaprio broke up with his girlfriend days after she turned 25

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Allie Jones

I have to assume that Leo DiCaprio knows there’s a running joke about him. It goes like this: He never dates a woman older than 25. There’s even a chart about it. Every time one of his model girlfriends, like Bar Rafaeli or Kelly Rohrbach or Nina Agdal, approaches the age of 26, he dumps them. Meanwhile, he is now 47 years old. And he’s currently single, because all the tabloids are reporting that he broke up with his most recent model girlfriend, Camila Morrone, after she turned 25 earlier this summer.

DiCaprio and Morrone were first photographed together at the end of 2017, when Morrone was 20, and they have dated ever since. Morrone even got to go to the Oscars with him in 2020, though he declined to walk the red carpet with her. All along, very determined sources talked to Us Weekly and other outlets about how this relationship was different from the Pussy Posse founder’s past entanglements — this was real.


“They’ve talked about getting engaged,” a hopeful source revealed to Us Weekly in 2018. DiCaprio “has never loved a girl like this,” the source insisted.

Another source, perhaps the very same one, told Us Weekly later that year that DiCaprio was finally ready to settle down. “Everyone is saying that marriage could be soon for them,” the source cooed, echoing the sentiments of 100 percent real people.

In 2019, shortly after her 22nd birthday, Morrone shared photos of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (who shared a 25-year age gap) on her Instagram with the caption, “A love like this.” Then she complained that commenters were being rude to her about it.

Then she turned 23, and DiCaprio turned 46, and she turned 24, and DiCaprio turned 47. Suddenly, those hopeful sources of yesteryear stopped mentioning marriage and babies to the tabloids so much. In late 2021, a source revealed to E! News through gritted teeth that the relationship was “all status quo.”

“They are really solid and everything is great with Leo and Cami,” the source insisted.

In May of this year, shortly before Morrone’s 25th birthday, the couple was spotted walking on the beach in Malibu, and Morrone was crying. DiCaprio was photographed kissing her forehead, perhaps to say goodbye. The couple officially broke up “earlier this summer,” a source told People yesterday. Morrone turned 25 on June 16. She was recently spotted on a girls’ trip with her mom (who used to date Al Pacino) in St. Tropez. DiCaprio, meanwhile, was photographed rolling up to a party in Malibu by himself.

Goddamn. This bitch really did it.

In November, DiCaprio will turn 48. And somewhere in America, his next girlfriend is getting ready to start her senior year of high school. We wish her the best.