Kylie Jenner Shares Groundbreaking Advice on Motherhood

It's major — according to E! Online

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Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner, is dipping a toe into the mommy blogging game, and doling out tidbits of advice on parenthood. The 24-year-old beauty mogul and reality star is certainly qualified to speak on being a mom. She already has one child, Stormi, and is now expecting a second with McDonald’s enthusiast Travis Scott. Additionally, she’s launching a new line of products called Kylie Baby, which just happens to perfectly coincide with this second pregnancy. The Kylie Baby collection will have shampoo, conditioner, bath towels, and more for the children in your life who are too little for a Kylie Lip Kit.

But wait, what is the incredible advice Kylie gave to her fellow moms and moms-to-be? You’ll never believe it. In an interview with Elle the reality star said — get ready — “Be gentle with yourself.”

Jenner continued realizing things, saying, “Motherhood is such a balancing act, and I just try to take one day at a time!” Is there a word missing there? I am practicing being gentle, so I will not push it.

E! Online described this advice as “major,” which I don’t think is exactly true. Of course, I am merely a childless blogger and would never want to mommy-shame a pregnant woman trying to sell her new line of baby products. Maybe “be gentle with yourself” is the piece of advice that really opens up some new mother’s eyes, but it seems more like a meaningless platitude of the type given by women with tons of money and a full fleet of childcare. Fuck, I forgot to be gentle again. I’ll keep working on that.