Kevin Spacey Got a New Job With the Weed Police

A second chance for the sex pest?

You're Under Arrest

By the grace of God, we have not seen much of Kevin Spacey in the five years since over a dozen men came forward to accuse him of sexual abuse and misconduct. Most of what we’ve heard of the Horrible Bosses star, who is currently being sued for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, has come from his YouTube channel. Since 2018, he has released a yearly video of himself speaking directly to camera in his Frank Underwood accent, always on Christmas Eve.

But apparently it’s Christmas in September, as the actor was spotted in West Hollywood eating lunch by himself while sporting the dumbest shirt a 62-year-old alleged sex pest can wear. No, it’s not an “I’m With Stupid” shirt that has an arrow pointing down. It’s a shirt for the police department of Weed, California, a very small town north of Sacramento.


On almost anyone else, the shirt would be a pretty good joke. Hey, look at me, I’m the Weed Police. Hilarious. It’s likely that Spacey is also making this joke as he reads his little book alone at a restaurant. Sadly, it’s impossible to laugh with Spacey, and barely enjoyable to laugh at him (see: the Christmas Eve videos).

This is upsetting to me because I love to laugh, and would be having a ball if, say, Tom Hanks or Steve Buscemi were wearing this shirt. Put either of these guys in a Weed Police shirt and I will have tears running down my face.

The other, less likely possibility here is that Spacey is genuinely supporting the police department of a town with less than 3,000 people. I don’t think that is the case, but weirder things have happened, and a disgraced public figure turning into a pro-cop right-wing kook would not be entirely out of left field.

Alas, I do think Spacey had himself a little chuckle when buying this shirt, much like I would if I were purchasing it. You hate to have something in common with one of Hollywood's most famous Bad Men. Maybe this is an example of this "nuance" I keep hearing so much about.