Kelly Bensimon Deserves Better Than A-Rod

She says he’s flirting, he says it’s business, I say he sucks

L: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images, R: Manny Hernandez/Getty Images

We are a little late into cuffing season, but there’s still time to find your cuddlebug for the colder months. No one knows this better than former Real Housewife of New York and current real estate broker Kelly Bensimon, who might, according to her, have something brewing with Alex Rodriguez.

An “insider” told Page Six that, “They have a cute and flirty text relationship… Alex has asked her out more than once although she has not gone on a date with him.” Very cute. The two would make sense as a couple, I guess? They’re both New Yorkers? Kelly runs in traffic so she’s an athlete too, I suppose? I’m really wracking my brain to find some commonalities.

Page Six did their journalistic diligence, and reached out to both parties about what may or may not be a budding romance. A rep for Bensimon said that the two have been having “a fun text relationship for the last couple of months.” They also said that Bensimon thinks Rodriguez is “charming and a gentleman.” Okay, so all signs point to love being in the air. A fun texting repartee with someone you think is a charming gentleman? Is he marriage material?

Unfortunately for Bensimon, Rodriguez doesn't see it that way. Ain’t that always the way. A rep for the former Yankee said, “She reached out on a real estate opportunity and that is it. There are no flirty texts, there is nothing there. A lot of people reach out to him for business purposes.” If I were Bensimon, this would make me want to die.

The generous reading of this is that Bensimon misconstrued the nature of their relationship (been there, babe), tried to plant it in Page Six, and then watched it completely backfire. I have randomly decided to side with Bensimon in this situation. Rodriguez is an idiot who had the gall to allegedly cheat on Jennifer Lopez, and if that isn’t enough to put you off, every interview he does makes him seem like he misplaced his personality years ago.

Bensimon, as anyone who has watched the Scary Island episode of Real Housewives of New York knows, has a lot of personality and various emotions. In this non-professional matchmaker’s opinion, she needs someone as cuckoo as she is to run in front of cabs with forever.