Time to Press Kathy Hilton's Factory Reset Button

She got racist during a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance

BEL AIR, CALIFORNIA - JULY 20: Television personalities Kathy Hilton (L) and Crystal Kung Minkoff at...
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Not hunky dory

Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris Hilton, is not a normal person. Watch any appearance she has made on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and you will notice a certain je ne sais huh? This woman isn’t quite right. Most of the time, it’s pretty funny! Like when Sutton was crying and Kathy asked “Who is hunky dory?”

Kathy is a loose cannon, which is why nobody should ask her any questions they want real answers to. Separately, ladies like her often abide by an ethos of “when in doubt, do or say something racist.” And that spirit was in full force on last night’s Watch What Happens Live.

Understanding how funny it is that Kathy doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language, faces or places, Andy Cohen decided to play a game called “Will! Kathy! Know Them!” where a photo of a celebrity pops up and Crystal has to guess whether or not Kathy knows who it is. Hilariously, Kathy did not know who Ryan Reynolds was. She also didn’t know who Keanu Reeves was, despite having met him in Paris with Jack Nicholson while they were shooting Something’s Gotta Give. When Lizzo’s face appeared on screen, Kathy was equally at a loss. However, high on the audience’s energy (at the very least), she decided to really go for it. It being racism.

Upon seeing a photo of Lizzo she went, “That’s Precious!” Everyone started laughing, and Crystal, trying to do damage control said, “Lizzo is precious.” Oh honey, you will not save her. I await Andy and Bravo’s statement about how Bravo needs to “do the work” or whatever. I also await how this moment will play out over the course of five episodes next season. Crystal, if you’re reading this — DO NOT DEFEND THE WHITE LADY!