Citizen Journalist Katharine McPhee Doesn’t Feel Safe in Beverly Hills

This is why Los Angeles needs Rick Caruso for mayor

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They Just Keep Stealing the Watch

When a woman no longer feels safe wearing her Rolex in Beverly Hills? That’s when we as a nation need to take action. Only one woman can lead the charge against “woke voters” and that’s American Idol season five winner Katharine McPhee. On Wednesday, she declared that Los Angeles needs to vote for billionaire real estate developer Rick Caruso for mayor, because he’ll be the one who will make her feel safe wearing rings in public again.

The Smash star and outed Republican reshared a post that showed an older man with bruises on his face that claimed he had been mugged by three men in a Porsche SUV. McPhee added her own commentary, writing that she blames “every single woke voter” and that things like this are why Los Angeles needs Rick Caruso.

Instagram/Katherine McPhee

The original post was shared by the account @streetpeopleofbeverlyhills, which is dedicated to “Exposing crimes in Beverly Hills, Waking up Karen Bass supporters to reality + Recalling DA George Gascon 🇺🇸,” and appears to be modeled after the more widely followed @streetpeopleoflosangeles, itself currently on a crusade to “end the homeless encampments on the streets of LA.”

Feeling like she was on a roll, the Smash star also shared a text conversation she had with her friend Sara Mann to illustrate how the personal is political. In it, she invites Mann to come join her and husband David Foster at a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

“Don’t wear your Rolex,” wrote Mann. To which McPhee responded, “No rings no watches.” Her next post was a photo of her at the restaurant, not wearing any rings or watches. Coco Chanel alert! It’s so nice to see a conservative practicing what they preach!

Luckily, McPhee felt very safe while shopping at Favorite Daughter, the store owned by Foster’s daughters Erin and Sara Foster. She loved the necklace she tried on, but presumably will not be wearing it out on the mean streets of the 90210.

Rick Caruso, who McPhee endorsed several times during her fearmongering screed, has lots of celebrities in his corner. People like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Gwyneth Paltrow all support Caruso, who has been running on an anti-crime platform and not much else. His supporters claim that he is a pro-choice Democrat, but he had to change his registration to run as a Democrat and has previously stated on the record that he is anti-abortion.

It’s safe to say that he is not a real Democrat, and neither is McPhee. After records of someone with her name, occupation, and city of residence donating to the National Republican Senatorial Committee showed up in 2020, the jig was up for her. The gay man who (allegedly) tweeted for her left her out to dry, and the last anyone heard from her on that site was a series of four presumably contractually obligated posts promoting her various projects (including an especially confusing tweet about The Masked Singer).

But if McPhee has her way, she’ll be back. Caruso will get elected mayor, Beverly Hills will be safe for rich people again, and she’ll feel safe to do what she loves: wear her rings and use the F-slur while posting lukewarm memes about Smash.