No One Has Ever Been Happier Than Kaley Cuoco — EVER!!!

She’s living out a fairytale with her random BF

US actress Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Tom Pelphrey arrive for the 74th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft T...
Allie Jones

Hollywood is truly crazy. One day, Kaley Cuoco was just carrying on, recovering from her second divorce, and the next thing you know, her manager introduced her to another one of her clients named “Tom Pelphrey,” and now they’re in love and expecting a baby girl and happier than anyone has ever been before in the history of Earth. Cuoco’s life with her random boyfriend is perfect, and thank God sources close to Cuoco are willing to tell the tabloids all about it. This morning, a source revealed to Us Weekly, “Kaley and Tom are deliriously happy right now, they’re living out this real-life fairy tale and it just keeps on getting better and better.”

Of course, we are all screaming with happiness alongside Cuoco. This random situation is all we’ve ever wanted for her and it’s literally magical to see it play out in real life. The source added that Cuoco and her rando are trying to “savor everything they can with the pregnancy journey…They cannot wait and are going through baby names, researching the type of crib they want, figuring out godparents and all that amazing fun stuff. Truly, they both feel so blessed.”

Same. And in case you were worried about Cuoco’s work-life balance during this special time, don’t. It’s all going to work out 100 percent perfectly. “Kaley’s career is really in the ascendancy right now, she’s got so much to be thankful for and doesn’t find it the least bit daunting that she’s going to need to juggle pregnancy with work,” the source continued, talking VERY fast without taking a breath because there is just so much good news to share. “Tom’s so proud of her and he’s promised to pitch in and be a hands-on dad once the time comes and Kaley has no doubt at all that he’ll make a wonderful daddy. They’re a very cute couple and everyone’s so proud of her. She’s saying there’s no doubt in her mind at all that this is going to stick and she’s found her soulmate.”

I’m crying? At the end of the day, the most important thing to know is that Cuoco is so happy she could explode, but she won’t because then she couldn’t live her amazing life. As another source told People yesterday, “Kaley has been dreaming about this for a while. She is so happy.”

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!