Johnny Depp Allegedly Snorted Coke With a Tampon Applicator

And more updates from the worst trial in the world

Actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp watch as the jury leave the courtroom for a lunch break at the Fa...
Allie Jones

Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard resumed yesterday in Virginia after a blessed week-long break. As usual, the information about the former couple that is being revealed in the courtroom is horrifying for all. Before the break, Heard testified that Depp routinely physically abused her and also sexually assaulted her multiple times during the course of their relationship. Depp, meanwhile, has refused to look at Heard throughout the trial, and his psychotic fans booed her this morning as she walked into the courthouse for her second day of cross-examination. (His fans are also holding out hope that Depp is carrying on a romantic affair with one of his attorneys, Camille Vasquez, who happens to be the one cross-examining Heard today.) What else do you need to know about this new phase of the worst celebrity trial in modern history? Well.

Heard’s sister allegedly taught Depp to snort coke with a tampon applicator

During cross-examination yesterday, Depp’s aforementioned lawyer Camille Vasquez asked Heard about a photo taken at her apartment in 2013 that shows four lines of coke on a coffee table. Heard responded, “The tampon applicator next to the driver's license that you see is a device that I believe my sister had taught [Depp] to use in order to put the cocaine in.” Huh! Vasquez had no response to that revelation and moved on to asking about the former couple’s divorce settlement.

Heard’s new publicist is known as “the walking #MeToo case of the PR world”

Heard recently hired a new PR firm, Shane Communications, to handle the wave of negative press surrounding the trial. Unfortunately, the company’s namesake publicist has problems of his own. According to the New York Post, David Shane has a reputation as a “sex pest” and has been described as “the walking #MeToo case of the PR world.” The site reports that Shane was fired from two previous communications jobs after investigations into unspecified bad behavior (he was also arrested for DUI twice during that time). More recently, Shane allegedly tried to force a model he met on Raya to have sex with him after taking her to Nobu, and he also asked a New York Post reporter to come to his hotel room alone based on the false promise of an exclusive interview with Heard. Cool! (Shane denies all the allegations.)

Depp promised Heard she would never see his eyes again

Heard’s aforementioned publicist released a statement last week noting that Depp has lacked the courage to look Heard in the eye during the trial. Yesterday, Vasquez questioned Heard on the stand about why Depp has refused to look at her. Apparently, it’s because Depp promised Heard she would “never see his eyes again” after they split up. After asking Heard about this comment, Vasquez played a recording of Depp repeating it after Heard asked him to hug her goodbye when they were splitting up. So that settles that.

Depp was “obsessed with dog poop”

During their divorce proceedings, Depp memorably accused Heard of defecating in the couple’s marital bed as a prank. Heard said yesterday that it was actually her Yorkie, Boo, who pooped in the bed, and that the dog has suffered “bowel control issues” since eating a bag of Depp’s weed when she was a puppy. Heard also testified that Depp was “obsessed with dog poop” and refused to let the incident go. Oh boy.

Unfortunately, we have at least another 10 days of this stuff, as closing arguments are scheduled for May 27.