John Cleese Begs You to Cancel Him

John Cleese says, "Wots all this then?" to cancel culture

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John Cleese is a largely beloved 81-year-old British man best known for his Monty Python shit and Fawlty Towers, two things I understand are very funny but also will never care about. While most people spend the last years of their lives reflecting on how they will be remembered, Cleese has spent the last five years saying the same thing about political correctness any chance he gets.

Now, in the twilight of his life, he is teaming up with the U.K’s Channel 4 to make a whole documentary called John Cleese: Cancel Me which will, “Explore why a new ‘woke’ generation is trying to rewrite the rules on what can and can’t be said.”

According to RadioTimes, Cleese will be spending time talking to famous people who’ve been “canceled” and those who are pro-cancellation to see if comedy can be made without offending anyone. Something tells me that Cleese’s conclusion will be the same point he’s been making for years: cancel culture and political correctness are ruining comedy. Honestly, I’m kind of glad he’s addressing something that is just not talked about enough!

It’s unclear why Cleese is so obsessed with being canceled, something that has not happened to him and likely never would have had he just kept his head down. All he has to do is spend the next decade popping up in movies like Betty White did so that people continue loving him until he gets the final cancellation that is promised to us all: death.