J.Lo Says She Doesn’t Even Want a Public Proposal From Ben Affleck


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Allie Jones

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and Ben Affleck has yet to propose to the love of his life, Jennifer Lopez. Idiot. This is becoming especially upsetting because J.Lo is still promoting her marriage-themed rom-com Marry Me, which means that reporters and talk show hosts keep asking her about marriage, proposals, diamond rings, etc. While the pop star started her promo tour with enthusiasm for her current romantic situation, telling People that she and Affleck are in a “really beautiful moment,” she seems to be losing steam. In an interview with Heart FM today, she said she wouldn’t even want a public proposal from Affleck, whose upcoming erotic thriller with his ex Ana de Armas just released a teaser trailer yesterday in which she appears to give him a handjob.

“I love public displays of romance,” she said, but “I don’t know that I would love a proposal, I think that that’s a more intimate thing between two people.” A proposal, she added, “is kind of an intimate, sacred thing that should just be between two people. When you're about to pledge your lives to each other that's a big deal.”

Please believe it: the woman who wore a wedding dress to pose with her boyfriend at her movie premiere would absolutely hate to be given a diamond ring in front of other people. Lopez did say, however, that she is comfortable with more general public displays of affection. “I have no problem with PDA,” she said. “I'm actually all about it if you really feel it.”

I guess that’s why she was cool with having a professional photographer document her last engagement to MLB star Alex Rodriguez in 2019.