J.Lo Only Has One Best Friend And That’s Ben Affleck Bitch

Leah Remini better read the room

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM
Allie Jones

Like many others, Leah Remini did not attend J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s three-day, Old Hollywood-themed wedding extravaganza at Ben’s fake plantation house in Georgia this past weekend. It’s weird that she didn’t, considering she’s supposed to be J.Lo’s best friend. Through thick and thin and Scientology, the two have been like sisters to each other. Remember when Leah brough J.Lo to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding because the Church wanted to recruit her? They remained close after that, which says a lot.

But that’s all over now, according to a very chatty source who talked to Radar Online today. Apparently Leah is not the biggest fan of Ben, and that has caused significant tension in her relationship with Jen.

“Leah was there for Jen when Ben broke her heart,” the source revealed, referencing the couple’s previous split in 2004. “Leah knows everything, all the ugly details about what went down between her best friend and Ben. No wonder she doesn’t like him. Jennifer might have been ready to move on and forgive Ben, but Leah hasn’t and is worried it will happen again.”

What is she worried will happen? Well, last time, Ben allegedly hooked up with a stripper in Canada, so anything is possible.

Another source countered that Leah, who has been married to her husband Angelo Pagan for 19 years, has no idea what it’s like to be in love.

“Jennifer is a newlywed and wants to be with her new husband, not her friends,” the competing source said. “All friendships change after you meet ‘the one.’ She has one of the biggest careers, she has kids and now she has a new husband too. Jennifer doesn’t have time to hang out with Leah anymore.”

“Leah needs to get over it or she will lose her friend for good,” the source added, ominously.

I think I understand what’s happening here. It’s very simple, really. J.Lo only has room for one BFF in her life, and that’s Ben Affleck. Whether he’s crying to her at a restaurant or falling asleep on a romantic river cruise, Ben is Jen’s BFFAE and Leah is going to have to come to terms with that.