Jesse Metcalfe: I Am the Z-List Hallmark Actor

And my life rocks, actually!

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Allie Jones
Anon Plz

DeuxMoi, the most braindead celebrity gossip account on Instagram, has claimed another victim. His name is Jesse Metcalfe, and he’s a 43-year-old actor who rose to fame in the early 2000s as the shirtless gardener on Desperate Housewives and the titular lothario in the teen rom-com John Tucker Must Die. These days, he mostly stars in movies and television shows on the Hallmark channel, including Chesapeake Shores, Harmony From the Heart, and Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. So naturally his ears perked up when the anonymous operator behind DeuxMoi posted a new blind item regarding a “Z-list Hallmark actor” on her account this week.

From a tipster identifying themselves as “” comes this mildly interesting tale: “My friend hooked up with a z list hallmark actor on the weekend that is recently single. He could not stop talking about himself. There’s also some drama with hallmark on why they won’t hire him anymore.”

Metcalfe could have ignored this absolutely mid gossip and moved on with his probably very busy day, but alas, he engaged. And in the process of refuting what I’m sure is a totally false story, he bravely identified himself as the “Z-list Hallmark actor” in question.

“This is BULLSHIT,” he commented on a repost of the original blind item on an account dedicated to revealing DeuxMoi blinds called @revealmoi. (Why is Metcalfe following multiple DeuxMoi-related Instagram accounts? A question for another day.)

The thing is, the item does sound like bullshit. For one, Metcalfe appears to be in a loving relationship with a 29-year-old vegan model named Corin Jamie-Lee Clark. And for two, he literally just posted on Instagram that he is looking forward to “creating many more romantic, heartwarming, moving, emotional moments that get you all up in the feels” for the Hallmark channel.

DeuxMoi, take heed: This Z-lister has a fabulous life and he’s not afraid to defend it.