Jennifer Lawrence Agrees: Amanda Seyfried Is the Only Elizabeth Holmes We Need

And that's including the original

Jennifer Lawrence arrives for the European premiere of Causeway during the BFI London Film Festival ...
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The Dropout

Back in March of 2021, it was announced that Amanda Seyfried would play Theranos CEO/fallen angel Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu series The Dropout. Then, in December of that year, it was announced that Jennifer Lawrence would also star as Holmes, this time in a movie directed by Adam McKay called Bad Blood. This was too much Holmes for anyone, but both projects chugged along.

Then The Dropout came out and we all said, “We love this.” This very website named Seyfried as our Woman of the Week. We wrote about the Walgreens guys, we wrote about William H. Macy’s head, we thanked our lord and savior Sunny Balwani that Kate McKinnon backed out of the role that Seyfried was born to play. This was perhaps the greatest television show we had ever seen in our lives, and all of us have seen The Sopranos.

Lawrence was also watching, she revealed to New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan. In a bit of their interview that was scrapped from the full profile, Lawrence revealed that she would no longer be starring as the turtlenecked blood maven.

“Yeah, we don't need to redo that.” So true, girl!

This is probably as much about self-preservation as it is about admiration for another actor’s brilliant performance. Who would want to try and play Holmes now? The comparisons would be brutal.

Seyfried took home an Emmy for her work on the show, and in teaming up with McKay, Lawrence could have, at best, expected a Golden Globe nomination (comedy category). It’s just not worth it. So hats off to Jen for making her best career decision since agreeing to be in the Hunger Games movies. Besides, there’s no point in making a movie that attempts to summarize who Holmes is/was as a person when we already have this one-minute clip that does it perfectly: