Jennifer Garner Has a Boyfriend Too By the Way

He may be a ghost but he took her to Italy

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Allie Jones
John Miller

It must be hard for Jennifer Garner to see her ex-husband Ben Affleck looking so happy on his Parisian honeymoon with his new wife, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn “J.Lo” Affleck. Sure, Garner dumped the guy seven years ago. And sure, she is probably grateful she no longer has to care about him doing stuff like falling asleep on a boat or crying for no reason in a restaurant. But still: Seeing J.Lo’s constant Reformation sponcon in Paris can’t be easy. Which is probably why someone called Us Weekly to tell them about Garner’s ghost boyfriend John Miller again.

Though they are almost never photographed together and no one has been able to confirm he’s a real person, Garner has reportedly been dating Miller, a “robotic burger chain CEO,” since 2018. In May, a source told Us Weekly that Garner and Miller’s children had met for the first time at Garner’s 50th birthday party (no photos) and it went well. This morning, another surely different source told the tabloid that Garner and Miller’s families are actually quite close now. Maybe even closer than the Affleck kids are to J.Lo’s twins!

Garner and Miller are “getting quite close” with each other’s families, the source said. This insider also revealed that even though we never see Garner and her BF together, they are doing all kinds of cool stuff in private, like drinking wine and going to Italy even.

“They meet at each other’s houses — even for a quick glass of wine or for a low-key dinner date night away from prying eyes,” the source said. And “when the timing is right,” they go on “secret getaways” to “New York, Italy, and beyond.”

Space? The haunted graveyard off the 101 where Miller sleeps most nights? The possibilities are endless.

Next time you see Mr. and Mrs. Affleck enjoying a leisurely dinner in Paris with their blended family (five minutes from now) please remember that Jen Garner and her BF have a lot going on too. Thank you.