Jennifer Aniston's Haircare Line Named After Used Car

La vie en Buick

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Allie Jones
It's Fine

Have you heard the biggest celebrity news of the day? Jennifer Aniston launched a haircare line. Wait a second, you might be thinking. Isn’t the biggest celebrity news of the day the fact that Olivia Munn is pregnant with John Mulaney’s baby? And after that it’s probably the fact that Kylie Jenner is also pregnant (not with John Mulaney’s baby)? And doesn’t Jennifer Aniston already have a haircare line?

All good questions. To answer the last one, Aniston did sort of have a haircare line before: She was a spokesperson for and investor in Living Proof until 2016. But now she has a new thing, and it launched today. Are you ready for the name?


LolaVie! To me, this is a feat of branding, evoking both Lady Gaga’s Edith Piaf impression in A Star Is Born and organic tampons. According to whoever wrote the copy for, the name simply means “the Lola life,” which means, well, I’ll let that person elaborate:

“Who is ‘Lola?’ Someone who owns who they are, believes in themselves, and does things their own way. They live the Lola life. LolaVie, Naturally You.”

Great. According to Aniston, however, LolaVie actually means “my old car.” She told People that she named her line after the first (used) car she bought in L.A., which she called Lola for some reason. “I named my car Lola on the spot,” she said. “Maybe it's because I love that song. Then every time I'd come over, they'd be like, ‘Lola's here.’ So it just kind of became a name that I was called whenever I showed up.”

The actress added that she plans to expand LolaVie in time. “Right now it's hair, but there's all sorts of ideas cooking in my brain,” she said. “I don't see any limits to anything.”

LolaVie’s “Glossing Detangler” is available now for $25 plus shipping.