Are These the Most Depressing Christmas Decorations In America?

Fashion designer Jenni Kayne is spreading the cheer in her big-ass ugly house

Ho ho hozac

Sweater guru Jenni Kayne recently invited Architectural Digest in her Los Angeles home for a Christmas tour TikTok. Hello Jenni, and thank you for welcoming us.

She says her aesthetic is “simple and serene.” More like simply insane asylum! Look at this friggin tree.

TikTok/Architectural Digest

It looks even worse from far away.

TikTok/Architectural Digest

Kayne says she lets her children put “woodland ornaments” on it and that they have a lot of fun doing so. She loves how “organic and funky” it is, and so do the commenters, who rave, “It’s giving meh,” and “If seasonal depression was a decoration.”

Even though she’s a proponent of minimalism, Kayne has another tree to show off.

TikTok/Architectural Digest

That little sad naked nubbin on top does not exactly scream good tidings. Kayne says she finds this tree “inviting” but that it also “reminds [her] of The Grinch.” She has less than two weeks to get her story straight.

And finally, some jolly fireplace accoutrement.

TikTok/Architectural Digest

Wow, joyful. Thanks for inviting us into your home, Jenni. Can I leave now?