Jane Lynch Definitely NOT Avoiding Lea Michele in 'Funny Girl'

Why would you even think that?

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Nothing to See Here...

A subplot of the ongoing drama happening at Funny Girl has been Jane Lynch’s departure schedule. Lynch was originally scheduled to leave the role of Mrs. Brice on September 25 to coincide with Beanie Feldstein’s departure. When Feldstein declared that she would actually be leaving the show on July 31, the production announced that Lynch would also be leaving early, two days before Lea Michele takes over the role.

Fans came to the obvious conclusion that Lynch, like several other Glee stars, does not like Michele that much. A lot of funny tweets ensued, but in a new interview with Deadline, Lynch says that it is not like that.

“We have been in touch about it,” Lynch told Deadline. “You know, it was just a really strong idea to have [Tovah] Feldshuh and Lea premiere together. That’s the only reason [we won’t appear together.] I adore her. She’s just going to take this show and make it her own. I’m so glad she’s getting the opportunity in real life to do the show and not just on Glee.”

See? No bad blood. It was just a “really strong idea” to deprive Gleeks of the onstage reunion of two of the show’s best performers. It has nothing to do with accusations of Michele being a terror on the Glee set. Lynch actually adores her! It just didn’t make sense to do something that would have created positive buzz for an already messy situation.

So there you have it. Lynch is definitely not avoiding sharing the stage with Michele. There will be no recreation of that Glee episode where Sue Sylvester walks out of Rachel Berry’s performance of Funny Girl saying, “Excuse me, I have to go kill myself.”