James Corden Welcome to Berate Staff at Balthazar Again

Owner Keith McNally folded quicker than an egg yolk omelette

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No, Chef

It was fun while it lasted. James Corden has been unbanned from Balthazar, because Keith McNally can’t stay mad at a famous person. McNally, the restaurateur behind the SoHo eatery, announced on Monday that Corden was no longer welcome due to his “abusive” behavior toward restaurant staff. Mere hours later, McNally announced that the ban had been lifted.

“Anyone magnanimous enough to apologize to a deadbeat layabout like me (and my staff) doesn’t deserve to be banned from anywhere,” McNally wrote under another extremely low quality image of the Tony winner (yes, he has a Tony). According to McNally, Corden rang him up and “apologized profusely” for his behavior, which included but was not limited to: berating servers, flipping out over egg white being present in his wife’s “egg yolk omelette,” and threatening to write nasty Yelp reviews if his drinks weren’t comped.

Don’t tell anyone I said this, but James Corden isn’t dumb. He saw how they got Ellen Degeneres, and with him leaving the Late Late Show next year, he didn’t want anything to taint him departing on his own terms. So he apologized to McNally to cover his ass. This could have opened the floodgates for other people to share their stories of Corden behaving badly, and that simply wouldn’t do.

This story wrapped itself up the way most stories of celebs behaving badly do. Two crazy freaks got on the phone and hashed it out, and now everything has returned to normal. It would be a shame if any other stories about Corden got out there, like, say if any restaurant workers/production assistants/people who have encountered Corden in the wild realized that they could email tips@gawker.com to share their stories. Such a shame.