It’s Time For Olivia Munn to Start a Mommy Blog

It would be easy and people would click on it

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Allie Jones

Olivia Munn, 42, posted another sort of funny and definitely cute video of her eight-month-old baby Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney yesterday. It shows lil Malcolm kicking her in the face while she’s trying to take a selfie. The people are loving it:

Since Malcolm was born late last year, Munn has shared several somewhat relatable posts about taking on the challenge of new motherhood. (Malcolm’s dad, the comedian John Mulaney, has also posted some photos of Malcolm in between promo for his never-ending international tour and the Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers reboot.) She’s shared her Mother’s Day wish for a bucket of fried chicken, a celebration of changing diapers in a public restroom, and a surprisingly detailed video about her struggle to breastfeed with low milk supply.

Do you know what would be nice? If someone — perhaps Munn, perhaps Munn’s assistant — could compile all of these photos and videos, add some captions, and put the whole thing on one handy website with a url such as Yes, I am suggesting that Munn create a mommy blog.

As everyone knows, Instagram sucks now, and it’s difficult to follow any one person with regularity, because the feed is full of ads and scary videos about giant homeschool families. To cut through the noise, Munn needs a dedicated site where fans can gather to learn more about Malcolm’s favorite foods and Munn’s postpartum “snapback” journey. A place where celebrity moms, regular moms, and people who are curious about whether or not Mulaney lives in Munn’s house when he’s not on the road can gather and share stories. A community of like-minded individuals who want to know what kind of UPPAbaby stroller Munn picked for Malcolm and if she got it for free because she has 2.8 million Instagram followers.

This is a slam-dunk idea that would be easy for Munn, Munn’s assistant, or even a ghostwriter hired out of the media industry to execute, and it would probably be remunerative due to, um, ads and maybe subscriptions. (How does the media business work again?) Once Munn gets things going, she could even launch a product line like Jessica Alba or Kristen Bell.

Olivia, please think about it. They say if you do what you love (mommy blog) you’ll never work a day in your life.