An Important Clarification About This ‘Bachelor’ Couple’s Baby Name

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Allie Jones

As all celebrities and influencers know, picking a baby name is a crucial first step in developing your unborn child’s brand. There are a myriad of directions in which to go: classic, trendy, alliterative, inanimate object, secret, etc. With so many options, the most important thing is maintaining the courage of your convictions and defending your chosen name at all costs, no matter how dumb other people think it is. I’m pleased to report that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, of The Bachelor fame, understand this.

Us Weekly reports that the influencer couple revealed the name they have picked out for their first child, due later this year, during an Amazon Live broadcast today (cha-ching). And oh, it’s a name: Dawson. Dawson! To me, it’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and 100 percent a reference to Dawson’s Creek. Or wait — it’s not.

In an interview following the couple’s sponsored baby-name announcement, Iaconetti clarified that their Dawson is not of the creek but rather of the Atlantic Ocean. “This is Jack Dawson from Titanic-inspired,” she told the tabloid. “We are a little concerned…not concerned, [but] we want people to know this is not after James Van Der Beek’s [Dawson’s Creek] character. This is after a Leonardo DiCaprio character.”

Ok, well. Iaconetti and Haibon are right to be concerned, because no one remembers the last name of DiCaprio’s character in the Titanic and as such no one will immediately associate him with their baby. But the good news is that the couple is getting ahead of the story. According to Us Weekly, Iaconetti isn’t due until February 10, which gives her a few more weeks to defend her choice and disseminate her explanations to the media before giving birth.

Titanic has always been my favorite movie of all time,” Iaconetti added during the interview. “I was 10 when I saw it.”

Please remember that when you think of baby Dawson going forward.