Hurricane Threatens to Crash Tiffany Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Wedding

Ummm RUDE?

Daughter of the US president Tiffany Trump (L) and boyfriend Michael Boulos arrive at Ellsworth Air ...
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Allie Jones
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Donald Trump’s second-favorite daughter Tiffany Trump is scheduled to get married this weekend at — where else — her father’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, this bitch named Hurricane Nicole is headed straight for Mar-a-Lago, and she is dead set on ruining Tiff’s wedding.

According to Page Six, Tiffany, a 29-year-old former pop star who was named after the store, is “flipping out.” She has been planning a “lavish” 500-person wedding to her billionaire heir fiance Michael Boulous, and now everything is RUINED.

Page Six reports that Mar-a-Lago was evacuated yesterday and all the staff was sent home. But “Tiffany is still there,” a source revealed, ominously. “Some guests came in for the week, and they had all these things planned. It was going to be a whole over-the-top thing. They had to cancel events today and canceled a golf outing for tomorrow. Everyone is stuck inside.”

This source, who was definitely not Ivanka laughing maniacally, added, “Friday is supposed to be a welcome dinner and they aren’t sure it’s going to happen.”


To make matters worse, Palm Beach International Airport closed yesterday, canceling several inbound flights. And, of course, Tiffany’s dad is kind of in a bad mood right now because of like, politics.

I still have hope, however, that everything can work out for Tiffany, even though it literally never has before. Maybe Mar-a-Lago will just get a little rain, which is good luck. At least Tiff still has her $1.2 million engagement ring that Boulos gave her in the Rose Garden right before her dad got kicked out of the White House.