Hot! Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Spotted at Dinner With Old VC Guy

They’re mixing business with business

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic / Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage
Allie Jones

Last week, fans panicked when the elderly mama Gigi Hadid failed to appear at Leonardo DiCaprio’s 48th birthday party. The two had seemed so in love: touching each other’s shoulders; standing near each other at parties occasionally. But now we can all breathe a sigh of relief, because this piping hot romance is back on. Page Six reports that DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted exiting the same restaurant on Friday night.

The gossip outlet has exclusive photos from outside Cipriani Downtown, where the 100 percent romantic pair were dining. Hadid draped a scarf over her face and walked out with what looks to be her bodyguard, and DiCaprio wore his signature baseball cap and face mask look while walking out with the venture capitalist Vivi Nevo. DiCaprio and Nevo are longtime friends; here they are watching the US Open together in 2016:

Jean Catuffe/GC Images/Getty Images

So yeah, you got that right: DiCaprio and Hadid walked out of a restaurant separately and got into separate cars with other people. What went down inside this sexy dinner for three (four if you count the bodyguard no doubt hovering nearby)? Perhaps DiCaprio and Hadid were looking at some contracts together and wanted a trusted businessman to give them a read. Or maybe they were all kicking around ideas to further promote the Cipriani brand. (This is the second time DiCaprio and Hadid have been spotted together at a Cipriani establishment; the aforementioned shoulder touching happened at Casa Cipriani back in September.) Or perhaps they’re all in love!

There is one more possibility, and I hate to even say it because it’s so sad. According to Hollywood Pipeline, an outlet that got video of everyone exiting the restaurant, DiCaprio and Hadid didn’t even leave around the same time. It’s conceivable they were both there coincidentally and seated separately.

But let’s not think about that! Can’t wait to see where the lovebirds bump into each other over the holiday weekend.