'New Yorker' Critic Hilton Als Pans Jerrod Carmichael

On Instagram, Als challenged the alleged purveyor of "dystopian comedy" to "grow up" and "get that chip off your shoulder"

L: AFP Contributer/Getty Images, R: Rich Polk/NBC/Getty Images

If you follow New Yorker writer Hilton Als on Instagram, you know two things: 1.) The man loves to put a little polaroid filter on photos taken with an iPhone and 2.) He will say whatever about whoever. If he’s not digging someone he will waste no time crafting a long caption explaining why, and Jerrod Carmichael is his latest target.

Als watched the Golden Globes last night, and was not especially taken with Carmichael’s abilities as a host. You can read the entire caption below, but the gist of it is that he thought the comic had a “bitter smugness” that Als found contemptible.

Yowza! I happened to like Carmichael most as a host when he was making the jokes that seemed to make Als itch. Saying that he dragged Niecy Nash-Betts through “contempt slime” is a little dramatic; she seemed cool with it! But what are you gonna do? Als is 63 years old with a bad case of poster’s disease, this is just what happens sometimes.

Luckily for Als — and, frankly, us — Carmichael does not have any public social media accounts, so the odds of this ballooning into a full-blown feud are slim. I bet Carmichael is sending some really funny texts about it, though.