Hilaria Baldwin: Alec, Mi Amor, Stop Being So Sad

The faux Spaniard has no regrets about their love

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Always Be Posting

Most men could only dream of having a wife as loyal as Hilaria Baldwin (née Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas). To celebrate husband Alec Baldwin’s 64th birthday, the former yoga teacher penned two long paragraphs on Instagram, shared alongside a photo of their backs.

Warning: This caption is long, be prepared to scroll.

“You ask me from time to time, in your darkest, saddest moments, if I were to know all of what we would go through, 11 years ago when we met, would I walk away,” the soon-to-be mother of seven wrote. Off rip this feels like something that should be written in a private note, but Hilaria loves attention and I love mess, so here we are.

“You feel as though you roped me into being a sitting target,” the Boston native wrote, electing to use an incredibly poor choice of words considering the fact that Alec accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins less than a year ago. But don’t worry, Hilaria hasn’t forgotten about that. It’s kind of the theme of this whole post.

Hilaria goes on to implore her husband to “live life” and “dial down the negative noise,” as it is a “distraction from what life is about.” Then the devil makes an appearance, as a figure who is “creeping in in an attempt to cheapen your time on earth.”

To close out her ode to her husband — who is currently being sued by the family of the cinematographer he shot and killed last year and recently said that the family is just lawyering up for money — Hilaria focused on his healing. “We are here to help you heal and get back to YOU, as we all love you, Alec…me, your children, your family, your friends…and so many people who are reading this now,” she wrote.

It’s unclear which “YOU” Hilaria is talking about. Is it the Alec Baldwin who called his daughter a pig? Maybe the one who loved Words with Friends so much he got kicked off a plane? Or the one who pinned a paparazzi against a car? Whoever it is that Hilaria wants him to go back to being, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he won’t be back until he reaches a settlement with Hutchins’s family.