Here Is How Jojo Siwa Could EGOT

After today's Emmy nominations, the multi-hyphenate is on her way to world domination

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 12: JoJo Siwa attends the 2022 Industry Dance Awards at Avalon Hol...
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Claire Carusillo
don't play her off

JOJO? Definitely the GOAT. But think again, bigger this time: EGOT?

Jojo Siwa’s Paramount+ comedy-musical film with a message, The J Team, was nominated for two awards at the first annual Children’s & Family Emmys. The film is up for top honors in “Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for a Live Action Program” and “Outstanding Choreography.” I’ll say!

Children’s & Family Emmy? As a singular talent named Whoopi Goldberg once said while defending her Daytime Emmy Award on 30 Rock, “It still counts! Girl’s gotta eat.”

Over on Instagram, Jojo is celebrating with a photo carousel. Please do yourself a favor and scroll to slide 4, volume waaaaay up.

“I wrote I believe 26 songs for the J Team, and had to narrow it down to the perfect 8 that made it into the film, It was not easy, and it was a LOT of hard work and so hard on my voice but it was SO worth it,” the alternative hair-cutted queen wrote.

Jojo sacrificed so much for this film, and even allegedly got uninvited from the Kids Choice Awards over a dispute with Paramount and Nickelodeon over the usage of songs from this movie on her D.R.E.A.M. tour. Snooki and Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna started a letter-writing campaign on Jojo’s behalf over the snub, and we did our best to signal-boost. It paid off.

“This nomination makes me feel so proud because the music in this film is the one thing that I did get to have a say in and that makes my heart so happy that it’s being recognized in this way,” Jojo said.

Obviously, this is the first step to EGOTing. Could Jojo soon be the youngest EGOTer, or at least the first one from Omaha? I don’t know, because I don’t have Google, but I still feel pretty good about it.

I have a plan for her:

Emmy for The J Team

The first one is already in the bag. EGOTer Rita Moreno won a 1972 Grammy for Best Recording for Children - The Electric Company. I have no doubt that Jojo can win the same for her work with disadvantaged children (they weren’t good enough at dancing yet before Jojo got to them) on her program Siwas Dance Pop Revolution.

Grammy for XOMG!’s “Candy Hearts” 🚧

Nominations will be announced November 15. The world is watching.

Oscar for playing Dakota Fanning playing Cherie Currie in a 2030 biopic centering around the making and doomed roll-out of The Runaways (2010) 🚧

The Oscars love a biopic and they love a behind-the-scenes Hollywood story. This will be her Blonde.

Tony for Jojo Siwa jukebox musical 🪃

Finding a vehicle for Jojo’s Tony was more difficult. I asked my coworkers what their dream Jojo stage role would be. Gawker staff writer Olivia Craighead wants Jojo to get that T for Best Actress in a Play Revival for playing Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire. Kelly Conaboy thinks she should write the book for Rugrats! on Broadway and would also be “extremely good” as Judas in gender-swapped Jesus Christ Superstar. Sarah Hagi just said, “CATS. OMG SHE SHOULD BE IN CATS. As the one who sings ‘Memory.’”

Those are all inspired strokes of genius, but I think ultimately she needs something meatier: Her own jukebox musical.

So there you have it. The path is clear for complete Jojo World Domination. Will the corporate fat cats step up to the plate, or will they fumble the glitter-covered bag yet again?