Daniel Kaluuya’s Life Strategist Is Not Granting Interviews At This Time

Heir Holiness seeks only peace

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No heir - Jordan sparks

On Monday, we attempted to figure out what the hell is up with Heir Holiness, the “life strategist,” “spiritual gangster,” and “Head Mistress” of the International Alma Mater, Blessed University — a school that she founded with uncertain accreditation and a defunct website — who has been advising the actor Daniel Kaluuya for several months, to the alleged concern of his friends.

Over the weekend, The New York Post reported that Holiness, FKA Heir Princess, was 50-year-old Vanylla Samilah Mahmoud. In the time since she became Kaluuya’s “personal manager,” the Judas and the Black Messiah actor had fired his agents and publicists for unclear reasons. Holiness denied working with Kaluuya to the Post, and after their piece came out, according to RadarOnline, she wrote on Instagram that the article was “Hype … Don’t believe it.” Shortly after, she deleted her account.

When we reached out to Holiness for comment, she did not immediately respond. But on Tuesday morning, she got back to us. Here’s what she said:

Peace be with you…
I am not conducting interviews at this time.
The level of disrespect and blatant lying has left me no choice.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Peace be with you!
Heir Holiness

That does seem like a pretty good life strategy. Peace be with her.