Handwriting Reveal: Chrishell Stause Gives G Flip Awful Tattoo

The hallmark of young love

L: JC Olivera/Getty Images, R: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images
Tatting Sunset

Conventional wisdom states that you should not get the name of your significant other tattooed on your body, especially if you have only recently started dating. That’s all fine and good, but what about your partner poorly tattooing the title of your new single on your thigh? Is that okay?

It is for Chrisell Stause and Australian musician G Flip. The singer posted a photo to Instagram of the Selling Sunset star with a tattoo gun in her hand, seemingly having just finished giving them some brand new ink. “Get Me Outta Here,” the tattoo reads in a messy scrawl that is either intentional or the byproduct of not using a stencil.

Listen, I love love (the lipstick mark!), but this tattoo looks like shit. Let’s take a closer look.

Instagram/G Flip

G Flip captioned the post “fuck houses do ink.” I would warn Stause against that advice. We all have to start somewhere in our artistic pursuits, but she is starting from a place of “very bad.” In a comment, Stause wrote, “Found my new calling. Might open up a new shop🤣💀😎😜.”

Three days earlier, G Flip had posted a different shot of the tattoo, presumably the cover art for the single.

The tattoo looks more healed, but arguably worse, in this pic. Why is the ink so smudgy? Did Stause try to fix the “R” and accidentally just make it a blob? We will never know. It’s possible that the former Dancing with the Stars contestant didn’t actually do the tattoo at all, and this is just a fun little joke they’re playing on all of us. If that is the case, I appreciate the reality star’s commitment to the bit. It’s the one talent no one can take from her.