Hailey Bieber's Mom, Who Is Married to Stephen Baldwin, Told Her to 'Stick It Out' With Justin

Do we trust her judgement? Not really...

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Get Out (Leave)

Are the Biebers okay? Almost exactly a month ago, we asked this question when Justin Bieber posted about God’s love instead of his wife’s on their wedding anniversary. The answer seemed to be the same as it always is (no, they’re not okay). Hailey Bieber has shared yet another upsetting anecdote revealing that all is not well in the Bieber household, a tidbit even more disturbing than the couple’s large collection of Kaws.

Justin and Hailey Bieber went on the Good Faith podcast, a show hosted by Churchome pastors Chelsea and Judah Smith that bills itself as “centered on their life’s work: raising a family and building a church.” At one point, poor Hailey described a conversation she had with her mother during a particularly low point in her relationship with Justin.

"I remember I called her a few different times, one particular time when we were in Brooklyn and I was calling her, I was crying, and I was like, 'I just can't do it,’” recounted the Levi’s model. “‘There's no way that I'm going to be able to do this if it's going to be like this forever.'"

I don’t know exactly what my mother would say in this situation, but if I had an outwardly contemptuous partner and I called my mom crying about him, I would like to think she would tell me to dump his ass. This is not what Hailey’s mother did.

"I just remember she was so calm on the phone and she was like, 'It's going to pass, and you're going to be fine and he's going to be healthy and we're here for you,'" the occasional TV host said. "And I do feel like we just had a lot of support. I feel like if I didn't have support, it would've been 10 times harder, and it was already the hardest thing in my life at the time."

Is this good advice? I don’t think so, but it makes more sense if you remember that Hailey’s mother has been married to Stephen Baldwin for over 30 years. If Hailey were my child — and as someone two years older than her, I can claim that — I would have told her to run. Get outta there. One of the great lessons in life is that sometimes you just have to leave.

Maybe December will bring us a better story about the Biebers. Hopefully, it will be that they’re getting divorced. But considering Justin’s desire to “squish out a nugget” with his wife, it might be something far more disheartening, at which point I will be getting in touch with God himself to talk some sense into her.