Fallon Files: Jimmy Eggs the Legendary Jane Fonda

Our boy is back from vacation, and he has no respect for Hollywood royalty.

Todd Owyoung/NBC
On Golden Yolk

After two incredibly long weeks, Jimmy Fallon is finally back from a little summer vacay. Based on his Instagram it seems like he spent his time away somewhere in upstate New York, riding on scooters with his wife and getting kind of annoyed at his daughters while making a fruit salad. That must have been relaxing because Jimmy was back on the airwaves last night with all the vim and vigor we’ve come to expect from him, and he was ready to make Jane Fonda crack a raw egg on her head.

Actually, it was two raw eggs, but we’ll get to that part later.

After talking with the 84-year-old legend about her famous workout tapes (why?), her current political activism (dismantling the fossil fuel industry), and the project she is promoting (an animated movie on Apple TV+), Fallon got down to business.

“We like to play games on this show and I thought, ‘Would you like to play a game,” Jimmy told Fonda and us. “And you said yes, and then I told you the type of game and you still kind of said yes but you haven’t said no but now we’re live on TV so you can’t really say no.” Here is an image of two people who really want to play this game:

The Tonight Show/YouTube

The game is called Egg Roulette, and the rules are simple. Jimmy and Fonda are presented with a carton of eggs. Eight of them are hard boiled and four of them are uncooked, raw eggs. Each of them take turns slamming an egg on their head, and the first person to crack two raw eggs on their skull loses. I might be making this up, but a cooked egg and a raw egg feel kind of different, no? I guess it doesn’t matter, because Fonda gamely cracked a raw egg on her head on her first turn.

To spare you the indignity of having to watch all three and a half minutes of that video, I will tell you what happened. Fonda cracked two eggs on her head before Jimmy could even get one. She even licked the raw egg off of her finger — gross! Fonda also slammed them directly into her hair, which was a huge mess that I would be upset about were I in her shoes.

In a twist, Jimmy allowed the Book Club star to smash two raw eggs on his head even though he was the winner. And boy, does she really slap them on, right onto his forehead. Say what you will about the man, but he is willing to literally have egg on his face for the sake of his guests. At least it’s easier than carrying a conversation.

I am so thankful our boy has returned. Welcome back, Jimmy, and don’t you dare ever leave us again.