Rumor: Ezra Miller Calls Everyone 'Gustav'

They can't remember anyone's name

US actor Ezra Miller attends the First Annual "Time 100 Next" gala at Pier 17 on November 14, 2019 i...

Ezra Miller isn’t a person I’ve spent much time thinking about — until yesterday, that is. Now, the actor who plays The Flash in Justice League, exists in the forefront of my mind (right near my olfactory bulb), as a person who smells extremely bad.

Since Gawker broke the news of their foul odor, we have been inundated with tips confirming the story. They smell. But we also received a tip about how deodorant isn’t the only thing they are forgetting. Miller allegedly cannot remember anyone’s name.

One source told Gawker, “Ezra’s smell enters a space before they do and remains after they walk away. Also calls everyone Gustav instead of learning their name.” Thank you Gustav for the tip!