Ew? Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Suck Face On Hawaiian Beach

Their 'sacred' love is public now

Allie Jones
Aloha Paparazzi

Makeout alert! Justin Long, 43, and Kate Bosworth, 39, are officially BF/GF, and they don’t care who knows it. This weekend, the actors were photographed kissing each other passionately on a beach in Hawaii, famously the home of Bosworth’s Blue Crush character. You can see several exclusive photos of these two bags of bones rolling around in the sand here.

According to the tabloids, Long and Bosworth connected on a movie set in Arkansas last year, a few months before Bosworth posted a whiskey-fueled prose poem about divorcing her husband on Instagram. Long confirmed the relationship in a podcast interview with former Bachelor star Nick Viall earlier this month, claiming that the two had been keeping their love private because it was so special. “I want to scream it from the rooftops but I also want to be protective. It’s sacred,” he said.

But that’s all over now, because directly after that interview Long and Bosworth did a pap stroll outside Giorgio Baldi in L.A., and then they jetted to Kauai for former InStyle EIC Laura Brown’s wedding, where they rubbed shoulders with several other celebrities and let the paparazzi follow them around while they made out all day. In addition to kissing on the beach, the happy, sacred couple also sucked face in a parking lot underneath some romantic “tobacco-free zone” signage. Cheers to them for letting it all hang out.