EmRata’s Alleged Cheater Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard Reportedly Out of a Job, Too

The Safdies may have fired him but he’s rocking out in the Hamptons

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 24: Emily Ratajkowski and  Sebastian Bear-McClard are seen during the 75th annu...
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Allie Jones

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for Sebastian Bear-McClard, the “independent film producer” formerly known as model Emily Ratajkowski’s random husband. Page Six reported last month that Ratajkowski, 31, is planning to divorce Bear-McClard, 41, because he cheated. Bear-McClard has not publicly denied this claim, but sources close to him have been telling Us Weekly and any other tabloid that will listen that he’s “begging” for a “second chance.” Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t look like he’s getting one, and now Page Six is reporting that he’s out of a job, too.

The gossip outlet reported last night that around the time his marriage to Ratajkowski blew up, Bear-McClard was fired from Elara Pictures, the production company he founded with the Safdie brothers in 2014, for alleged “complaints about his behavior.” Elara produced the Safdies’ 2019 hit Uncut Gems and gave Bear-McClard the Hollywood credibility that most likely allowed him to meet someone like Ratajkowski in the first place.

Bear-McClard told Page Six that he was not fired from his company but is “taking time off” to care for his sick mother.

Hopefully she’s not too sick, because he was spotted in the Hamptons this weekend getting ready to host a rockin’ party. A source told Us Weekly on Sunday that they saw Bear-McClard at the Citarella in East Hampton stocking up on some brewskis.

“He was with a group of four guys,” the source revealed. “They all looked happy and were laughing and grabbing a bunch of supplies like they were having a party later on in the day. He didn’t appear to be bothered at all by the drama in his life.”

That’s nice. The tabloid also identified Bear-McClard as being 35 years old, suggesting that he is rapidly aging in reverse. I bet Ratajkowski is already regretting letting this cool young guy go.