Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson Are Getting Serious About Their Real Relationship

No I’m serious they’re serious

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Allie Jones

It’s been a month since the powers that be forced us to learn that Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are “dating.” So many exciting things happened in the intervening days: Davidson and Ratajkowski went to an apartment in Brooklyn on Davidson’s birthday, and then they sat courtside at a Knicks game a few days later. That’s it, actually. But we all loved looking at pictures of those moments. So what’s the latest?

Well. According to People, the 28-year-old comedian and 31-year-old model are getting serious.

“They are going strong and getting a little more serious,” a source told the tabloid.

“They are getting more serious,” another source concurred.

Don’t believe it? Well, these sources also provided some details that may surprise you. First of all, according to the first source, Davidson and Ratajkowski “have a love of the East coast in common and similar vibes personality-wise and style-wise.”

This is literally exactly what I said about my husband when we first met: We have a love of the East coast in common and similar vibes personality-wise and style-wise. So yeah, that tracks as being serious to me.

Also. The second source revealed that “Pete is very chill and understanding about Emily being a mom too. It's a nice situation for Em.”

Okay, I’m crying? Davidson is understanding about the fact that Ratajkowski has a 21-month-old son? And it’s actually chill? Which in turn makes it a nice situation for Em?

It’s all adding up now: two dates with the paparazzi, a mutual love of the East coast, style vibes on lock, chill about that bummer of a mom thing.

It’s serious. You better start wrapping your mind around that right now.