Did Adele Steal Rich Paul From Her Stylist’s Best Friend?

And does anyone besides me care?

Los Angeles, CA - October 19: Singer Adele and sports agent Rich Paul attend a game between the Gold...
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Allie Jones
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Thirty-three-year-old pop singer Adele has been in the news for lots of reasons lately: canceling her Vegas residency at the literal last minute, pole dancing at a London nightclub, and possibly being engaged to sports manager Rich Paul. What no one wants to talk about, however, is the provenance of her relationship with Paul, who is mostly famous for managing Lebron James. How did they meet? When exactly did they start dating? And don’t you think it’s interesting that right before they got together, Paul was dating Adele’s stylist’s best friend???

Let’s go back to 2019, when Us Weekly reported that Paul was dating Jen Meyer, a jewelry designer and ex-wife of Tobey Maguire (and daughter of disgraced entertainment executive Ron Meyer). Meyer is part of a Hollywood clique that includes Kate Hudson, David Foster’s daughters Erin and Sara Foster, and Adele’s stylist Jamie Mizrahi. Meyer and Mizrahi were recently on an episode of the Fosters’ podcast where they talked about all being best friends. So Mizrahi was probably happy for Meyer when she started dating Paul after her separation from Maguire. A source told Us Weekly in May 2019 that Meyer and Paul were “super in love.”

Jen Meyer and Jamie Mizrahi at Jen’s jewelry event

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“Jen has never been happier. They are six months in and it’s on,” the source continued. “They are super happy and super in love. It’s very unexpected and an incredible relationship.” The insider added that Meyer’s family and friends “all totally embrace him and are supportive of the relationship.”

In November 2020, when Meyer officially filed for divorce from Maguire, the tabloids noted that she was still dating Paul. But sometime after that, they must have broken up, because Paul started dating Adele. He first bragged about his relationship with an unnamed “major pop star” to the New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner in a profile published in May 2021, and then Paul and Adele went public at the NBA finals in July. It’s not clear exactly when Mizrahi started styling Adele, but she began sharing her looks on Instagram in September.

Weird? Maybe not. But definitely a fun piece of Hollywood trivia :)