David Foster Feels Real Chill About Having a Baby in His 70s

No regrets

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Allie Jones

David Foster, the 72-year-old composer who has been married five times and has six children who range in age from 20 months to 52 years, is feeling good about his life. Foster is currently married to Katharine McPhee, 38, who gave birth to the couple’s son Rennie almost two years ago. Foster told People today that he doesn’t regret becoming a dad again in his 70s.

“I haven't regretted a single day of it,” he said. “I've loved every single day.”

Aw. He elaborated, “It's the standard thing of like, ‘Oh, well you were so young when you had your children and you were working day and night, you never saw them.’ And there is some truth to that, sadly, for my [older] kids. I was just working a lot. Even though I'm working a lot now, I'll cancel anything just to hang with him. It's just different.”

I’m sure everyone in Foster’s family loves hearing that, and Rennie will love reading about it when he’s old enough (and his dad is uhh, 80). Anyway, the reason Foster did this interview is because he is promoting a new Christmas album he recorded with McPhee. The couple’s first single, “Jingle Bell Rock,” is out now!

Foster does seem to enjoy spending time with his son. A couple of months ago, he posted a video of little Rennie playing on a drum pad with surprising virtuosity for a toddler. Hopefully he grows up to be just like dad.